Saturday 3 March 2012

The Fruits of the Spirit

The session was for a range of primary ages and supported by teenagers, the notes on here are the notes discussed prior to the session to support in ways to support the children exploring, and leading to further exploration of the verse.

The examples I used to explain the characteristics/ memorise the fruits of the spirit

Play Fruit and Vegetables
Play with modelling the fruits of the spirit, saying things like “It would be kind to give some fruit to … that was a good thing to do.”
“Oh be gentle with the peaches!”

Fruit (fruit and nut and knickerbocker Glory) and Gentleness Games (jenga)
Play games modelling:
Self Control
Notice andPraise when children do too e.g.
“Oh you arebeing gentle”

Garden Area

Small World Garden

What is being grown? Playalongside

Handa's Surprise Story

Simple storyabout a girls kindness to her friend…
Tell storyusing fruit and cards, be dramatic ohhh what willhappen next?
Emphasise Handa’s kindness

Painting Tree

A “dead”tree!
Doesn’t look so good
Lets make itbeautiful!
Who makestrees beautiful in the garden?
Do you thinkours will look as good?
What could grow on our tree?
Didn't get a fantastic picture but here it is painted!! Children LOVED this activity!

Compost - Messy Play

I wonder what we could grow in here?
I wonder how things would grow?
Have you ever grown any fruit or vegetables?

Making fruit stress balls (Out of Balloons filled with flour)

Talk abouthow you could squeeze these if you were a bit cross, what else could we do?
Sometimesit’s difficult to control being mad!!!
(You defiantly need a funnel/ drink bottle end and a pencil to push the flour down and plenty of patience)

Banana Muffins

Bananas are good for you!!
What other fruits do you know?
Praise and notice kindness, patience, etc.
Marzipan Fruits
What is your favourite fruit?
Why do you like that fruit?
Praise examples of the fruits of the spirit e.g. patience, gentleness.
Encourage making the fruit for someone else, kindness!!

Fruit Kebabs
All fruits mentioned to memorise and explain the verse available to make fruit of the spirit kebabs.
Support children to remember what each fruit corresponds to in the verse.
Children can either make the kebabs in order of the verse, or choose any fruits to go onto the kebabs. The one below  is a "Love Peace Kebab"


  1. What wonderful ideas, I have been gathering ideas for a lesson on the fruits of the spirit for my Sunday school class. I love all of the play spaces you have set up, what a wonderful environment to teach children in.

  2. I want to go to your church.: ) Did you offer all these activities at one time or over the course of several Sundays?

  3. :) Ahh Thanks guys- was a fun session! Yes it is a nice room. Sheila thanks that means a lot come along anytime :) I love your blogs you can come and help me! Yes these were all in one session, it's a once a month session for all ages (and teens helping) rather than being in their split age ranges. It is aimed as a follow up to summer holiday club for children who don't usually come to church (but obviously regular kids come too)

  4. I love this, so many wonderful ideas!

  5. Thanks Ticia (and everyone) this has turned out to be rather popular on Pinterest

  6. Hi, Great lesson! Where did you get the playset with the doll and the soft fruit that stored in a bag?

  7. Hi there, the fruit play set for handa's surprise story I made myself with fabric scraps. The doll was just one that I had and I adapted (changing hair and adding dress). Glad you like it

  8. Hello! I love the fruit of the spirit stuff and will be sharing on Tuesday on my blog- linking to you- great ideas!

  9. You have so many wonderful ideas for the fruit of the Spirit! A friend of mine and I are writing a family Bible study guide and we'd love to use your fruit of the Spirit chart in the book with your permission. If you were alright with that, I would give people your blog link so they can find your other great ideas as well. Would that be okay with you?

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