Monday, 18 March 2013

Camel through the eye of a needle

Today's post is actually from the older children's group 6-11 yr olds but I just wanted to share a few fabulous examples of what we made. As usual this craft was only an option but it was seriously well received! 

Today's session was obviously, Matthew 19: 16-26 The Rich Young Ruler, or Camel through the eye of a needle or even what one of the little ones called it "The threading story"

In the older group we also had a who can thread a needle quickest competition. A needle challenge: can the team get a cube of jelly through the eye of a needle? I gave them a cup of cold water that said the world I had a cup of boiling water that said God, they couldn't get the jelly through but I was able to pour mine through because with God all things are possible! (I had planned on using paper camel shapes to get through the eye and myself rice paper and melting in water but couldn't find any)

We did spiders web prayers, taking lengths of string to symbolise something we wanted to pray for that may seem impossible! We put them in the shape of a spiders web then symbolically cut them to say God has herd. 

I will see if I can post the little ones activities another day - I don't have photos at the moment!

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