Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Play Resources God made sunshine (Psalm 19)

 Carpet: CDs, glow stars, kaleidoscope mirror, battery operated fairy lights, bath touch lights, a picture of a sunshine and lolly pop sticks
 Children were free to make anything, sunshines were talked about. Probably the most popular activity was turning the lights on and off! Useful for bringing in we are making the light shine, I wonder how God makes the sun shine.
 Sunshine game, 6 coloured stars (like in the rhyme) stuck on to a CD, the same coloured stars onto a wooden cube, and pegs. Children roll the dice, and match the same colour pegs.
 Children roll the dice, and match the same colour pegs.

 Yellow Playdough, with collage match sticks and textured rolling pins to make sunshines (if children desired)
We had lots of porcupines and birthday cakes!
And a sunshine!

"Sunshine" construction (i was given this idea by a four year old) Notice the rabbits in the mix, hence the sunshine rabbit in the previous post.
And a stars table
 Posting glow in the dark stars into big and small corresponding containers (would have been lovely to do with a black light)
 Stars stacking pots

Monday, 13 February 2012

God made sunshine (Psalm 19)

Using the Godly creation cards I told a very short version without wondering questions. Then move the sun / moon down and said "a long, long time after God made everything, people wrote songs called psalms, one of these is about how wonderful God made the sauna and everything."  Then I created the bigger card below with cards/ glow stars/ touch light. I created/ pointed to the corresponding points to the psalm paraphrase below.

We then sang sunshine related songs.

Paper plate prayers, each child was given a paper plate, a biscuit and five stick pretzels. We each created a sun (most looked like the sun rising or falling) and said a a prayer saying saying thank you for the sun and each of us. If did this again i would say five thank you prayers counting the sticks, with children choosing what they are thankful for.

You know that I am not a fan of "production line crafts" but on this occasion I actually decided I would give the children a range of collage materials, paint sticks, and crayons, and they all with significant concentration created their own sunshine. Happily they were all different, most looking like a sunrise or sunset but a couple of flu rays ones like one on left, one with no rays (which I was told "This one is not going to have rays") we even has a sunshine rabbit- which if you look at the next post you will see the link!