Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Creation Idea Cards

I made these AGES ago, for toddlers room at church but they were created from activities I did with group for children with Special Needs. You don't need to use all ideas just a few may be all that's needed. I can't find the water and land ones, sorry.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Good Samaritan - Play

Haven't posted for a while, so am going to "try" to, Im still doing stuff just forgetting camera all the time (sorry for quality of pictures)

Story scene for Good samaritan (people, sand, tree, rock, and inn) alongside books left open at Good Samaritan story.

Playmobil play ground, car and ambulance. So children could act out helping situations and make relevant to own lives.
Doctor/ first aid activities with loads of bandages and slings (very popular and I looked like I'd had a major injury by end of session)
Drawing and making - children were given option of making helping hands pictures, cards for someone or bandaging a card person. One child did the bandaging another wrote about family the others kept playing.
There were blocks left out next to the story scene to embellish the Inn or make a town this was the Inn by the end of session, and we got duplo out to make the town.