Monday, 26 September 2011

My Favourite Station

The light and dark station proved a very popular station, whether it was because it was in a separate room or because of the resources in there, either way they added up to a great environment. That some of the children insisted on going back to play with after the session ended.

The resources to create "art" with were available on the table the OHP was on these included: string, pipe cleaners, lollypop sticks, colour paddles, cocktail stirrers, colour blocks, magnifying glasses, clear acetates and white board markers.
A basic start

Independently created - sunshine design.

Which then turned into "Jesus" in the centre of beams of radiating beams. Jesus was actually one of the wooden Godly play people of God, which I was holding onto a basket of and politely asked for one to create this. But unfortunately Jesus was praying upside down!
So after finding a right way up praying "Jesus" He was joined by the people of the world interspersed between the beams of light.
Who would have imagined that an old OHP, some cocktail stirrers and some wooden people would have created such a theological image.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Creation Stations

For session one of Bible Boot Camp, Creation was the theme. There were a range of "Creation Stations" to represent each of the days of creation.

The children were free to explore each station without explanation as to what they meant- only later after some time of thinking and a bit of detective work did they think what all the stations together may mean. Later confirmed by a talk on creation.

Dark den with lights and glow sticks to put inside. The dark den in completely dark when inside so makes a perfect for the start of creation- generally children don't experience true darkness so a new and exciting experience.

Overhead Projector (Old school OHP- from primary school days. Such a great creative resource) A range of creative resources to project creative images onto the wall.

Popcorn maker- we found there were lots of different reasons that this could have related to creation. Here I have suggested they were clouds.

Water tray on a "waterfall" (humour me), I didn't have an image of the water without additional resources.

A plasma ball for the sunshine.

The OHP used to create a sun.

Soil in trays on land coloured fabric, and herbs, and replica plants.

Seeds to plant in little pots.

Whilst this wasn't an animal station plastic animals were added to add interest.

Water play with birds and fish. In the far corner you can see a fabric bird that makes realistic sounds (and is very annoying when continually activated)

Sea creatures and birds (well mostly ducks)

Fishing game

Animals on a creative mountainous scene.

Playdough people.

Making Gingerbread people.

Resources to make people (or monsters as the case turned out??) out of dolly pegs and wooden spoons.

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God rested...
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Bible Boot Camp

Start of a series of several sessions of Junior church, based on the premise of a team of recruits in boot camp ready to learn all they need to be ready for...everything!