Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day Church Play

Happy Easter to You All... from me at All Play on Sunday! Just thought I'd share what we did play with in church this am. The focus of the service was on "The Empty Tomb" no surprise there I guess, but focusing on people reactions!
The in church play area had something that could be a tomb and Godly play people
Things to consider inside/ outside! Or hidden and found!
And lego, during the sermon some children built this tomb- with a wonderful grave stone!

And also three crosses (they are joined together) and Jesus and the crown of thorns! There was also a puffing an panting duplo man, also known as John trying to get to the tomb etc. Never think that children don't listen while they play!

And for the older children there were sheets to help them respond to the story!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Palm Sunday (Jesus Enters Jerusalem 2)

I just found these photos whilst reorganising, they are last years Palm Sunday Session with 3-4 year olds! Same theme as the previous year some different activities.
Passover Meal


Pegging clothes to matching coloured button on peg (to symbolise the robes in the triumphant entry)
Making wooden flowers (new life and the impending prayer garden)
Hanging Easter Shapes

Eggs, egg cups, baskets, sorting trays, spoons and chicks. This activity was really popular with children interested in transporting and enclosing (note to self post something on schema on here)

Making palm leaves, this has to be the most successful yet simple way I have ever made palm leaves

The procession route! Played with very little before story, used over and over during and after! In the middle are story cards in order.

Easter Story- Breaksfast on the Beach

After posting the Children's Church Easter Story activities yesterday I remembered this scene that I made a year or two ago to accompany the breakfast on the beach story. This is a post that I posted on my other blog  Alljoinin but thought I'd repost here too!
Using the little bible people seen previously, in a set up used to tell the story of Jesus appearing on the beach to his friends.
Initially used as a prop to tell the story. "Put your net on the other side"
And then allowed to play with the story. The only thing is, not too happy that the sand does not come off of felt very easily!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Children's Church - Easter

Whilst I love craft things, I think there is a tendency in churches to over focus on a craft and I try to offer alternatives to craft. However it's also important to respond to what children and interested in and the majority of those who come to children's church simply love craft the more the better, so on this occasion we have craft over load! And I HAVE to say was a really calm session and great conversations could be had!

Each child was given a card, to mark off the areas they have been to (and later remind them of the Easter Story). Each picture was a small part of a picture that represented an element of the story that was displayed on the wall.

The picture that was on the wall (alongside was a prompt card for the leader of each area)

Donkey foot printing and hand painted palm branches

A play scene that represented the ride into Jerusalem

The foot washing station, straight next to the foot printing so was a natural follow on.

Passover Meal Set

Making easter nests, loose link to last super (making food)

The prayer flowers were stuck into the plant pot.

Bead crosses the design for this was from the great instructions Catholic Icing

Sticky backed plastic crosses, idea from Frills, fluff and trucks

The tomb play scene
A tomb to get inside

Egg decorating

Eggs and Egg cups for the younger children to play with, and hanging Easter decorations. 
Ducklings, for little ones and prompt to discuss new life with old children.

Fishing game and fishing scene. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Holiday Club 2012 (Post 2- Jungle Zoo)

Welcome to Mr Kings Jungle Zoo, walk through the water fall (complete with ambient water fall sounds)
Walk through, look around,

Look up you'll see the the water flowing (fairy lights twinkle to the  sounds of the waterfall)
Ohh, a hive of activity finishing creating the Jungle Zoo! As the jungle plants  hang down to jungle floor
Mr Kings Jungle home

Animal Cages (teams of the children- but these cages were just for the actors playing the animals)

 Look up and around the branches of the tree

 View from up the tree, where the drummer plays
 You've got to be carful in the jungle

The band getting ready around the tree

 Lets go.... The leaves had to be cut a bit to be able to see the screen.

Next instalment, the teams rooms....