Thursday, 15 March 2012

Easter Story Activity Booklet

A simple Easter activity booklet that supports the telling of the Easter Story. Originally made for activity bag for Easter Sunday, but has many uses and I'm sharing here so others can use it for Easter this year.  


I may change it slightly to support an object story I am planning to do. The activity booklet can be found on my alljoinin site on the Easter activity page (near bottom of page)

This activity could also be used during the Lent period, a page a day maybe as you tell the story.

I'm linking this activity to Wonderful in an Easter kind of way and Explore and Expresswith the Lenten Link - Up Party

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Palm Sunday (Jesus' Triumphant entry)

 Craft Activities for Palm Sunday, or simply as a Lenten activity to use in preparation of Easter. (I honestly thought I had posted these last year but can't find any record)
Peg legged donkey. I thought this was a rather "formal" activity however was unbelievably popular with the boys in particularly and were played with to act out the story (and various additions to the Bible account :). 
Paper play with leaf cut outs (for palm leaves and, felt cut outs of coats/ pieces of felt. Hosanna being written the the middle was optional. I also provided paper for free collage with the materials.

I'm joining Wonderful in an Easter kind of way and Explore and Express with the Lenten Link - Up Party

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Baby Bible Book (Quiet Book)

 I'm making these for my God daughter, Im hoping her mum isn't going to be looking at the blog for a while!  Each page will have a simple interactive element. I plan to make several pages and join them with ribbons or baby rings?
Creation: Fish moves along the sea.
Jonah: Jonah can go in and out of fish's bout attached to ribbon.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Noah's Ark Room Resources

Just a simple picture gallery of resources available in room for free play with Noah and the ark related activities
Work bench (Noah built his ark)

Shelf One: Rainbow stacker, nuts and bolts, fishing game, basket of animals, ark pairs, sand tray. 

 Screws Up Close (Noah had to join the wood together- I try to put a fine motor activity in each session as it tends to engage children who fine concentration difficult and so are rather "grounding")
Two by Two game (Noah had to find all the animals)
Shelf two: (Bible Stories) Two Arks
 Noah's Ark book with magnets, baking tray to pieces on.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fishing Boat (for all those fishing stories)

I think this building set is amazing and have used it for so many boat and fishing story related activities. But never seem to get any creative shots well not I do so thought I would post.

I am unable to get a new set of this (although would LOVE to) in the UK, but it is called Crainum Mega Fort!

Monday, 5 March 2012

God Loves

 I was pretty sure I posted this a while back, but can't see any evidence of it. I can't even remember what bible passage we did this for but I simple made folded house shapes and said children could draw their family inside or whoever they though and decorate the house however they wished. I may or may not have shown them my example before, I can't remember. Either way there were defiantly no carbon copies of "the craft" which is always a relief!

This was not a "God Loves" activity but would be lovely to do and is very simple we simple folded the paper and cut out a heart shape, then cut a heart out of that. When we had "enough" hearts they were just stuck to paper with one half, which makes an interesting picture. Would be good for older children if discussing "God shaped hole".

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Lost Stories

As a review of the children doing all the "lost stories" (lost sheep, lost coin, lost son) this is an overview of the activities available in this session (I am going to post in two lots because the Fruits of the Spirit post was too big to repeat)
 "lost game" children have to put their hand in the bag and find the missing shapes from the bag.
Find lost coins in sand!

Farm set and people relating to lost sheep and lost son (pigs)

"Special" boxes, little boxes decorated with gems. To fill with things in side (we later hid love heart sweets inside that were in the centre of a game of pass the parcel)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Fruits of the Spirit

The session was for a range of primary ages and supported by teenagers, the notes on here are the notes discussed prior to the session to support in ways to support the children exploring, and leading to further exploration of the verse.

The examples I used to explain the characteristics/ memorise the fruits of the spirit

Play Fruit and Vegetables
Play with modelling the fruits of the spirit, saying things like “It would be kind to give some fruit to … that was a good thing to do.”
“Oh be gentle with the peaches!”

Fruit (fruit and nut and knickerbocker Glory) and Gentleness Games (jenga)
Play games modelling:
Self Control
Notice andPraise when children do too e.g.
“Oh you arebeing gentle”

Garden Area

Small World Garden

What is being grown? Playalongside

Handa's Surprise Story

Simple storyabout a girls kindness to her friend…
Tell storyusing fruit and cards, be dramatic ohhh what willhappen next?
Emphasise Handa’s kindness

Painting Tree

A “dead”tree!
Doesn’t look so good
Lets make itbeautiful!
Who makestrees beautiful in the garden?
Do you thinkours will look as good?
What could grow on our tree?
Didn't get a fantastic picture but here it is painted!! Children LOVED this activity!

Compost - Messy Play

I wonder what we could grow in here?
I wonder how things would grow?
Have you ever grown any fruit or vegetables?

Making fruit stress balls (Out of Balloons filled with flour)

Talk abouthow you could squeeze these if you were a bit cross, what else could we do?
Sometimesit’s difficult to control being mad!!!
(You defiantly need a funnel/ drink bottle end and a pencil to push the flour down and plenty of patience)

Banana Muffins

Bananas are good for you!!
What other fruits do you know?
Praise and notice kindness, patience, etc.
Marzipan Fruits
What is your favourite fruit?
Why do you like that fruit?
Praise examples of the fruits of the spirit e.g. patience, gentleness.
Encourage making the fruit for someone else, kindness!!

Fruit Kebabs
All fruits mentioned to memorise and explain the verse available to make fruit of the spirit kebabs.
Support children to remember what each fruit corresponds to in the verse.
Children can either make the kebabs in order of the verse, or choose any fruits to go onto the kebabs. The one below  is a "Love Peace Kebab"