Sunday, 30 October 2011

I Can See (Jesus heals a blind man)

Now for all the available play things for this session
Soil (Like mud that Jesus used to put on the blind man's eyes- emphasise importance of NOT putting our eyes)
Magnifying glasses added so that we could look carefully for what was hidden in the soil...

Craft Gems
And plastic bugs.
Mr Face Wall hanging, to make faces and especially focus on eyes. (I think this is a MUST have resource in any church group it fits into soooo many themes/stories, particularly good for discussing emotional responses)
Tactile matching activity, played by Looking for the correct pieces to match or feeling as a blind person may.
Then there were several toys that had visual appeal, including this beautiful kaleidoscope mirror (again another must have)
A wonderful tube kaleidoscope similar to this

A regular kaleidoscope

These images distorters

Kids torches
Light up spinning tops
Colour panels to put over face and see the world in rainbow colours.
A light box, (this didn't go down so well this week the room was far too light from sun flooding in) with these resources....
Colour padals

Colour sensory blocks (again an absolute favourite)

You may have noticed that most of todays photos were from Google Images, I just didn't get around to photographing my resources

Saturday, 29 October 2011

If I were a Butterfly

This is one of my favourite songs, and always a good standby song...
I like to make visuals for pre readers to assist singing.
This book has gone down very well at all times, and the additional matching elements.

Links to Butterfly Song resources....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Can See (Jesus heals a blind man)

In one group I work with 3-4yrs we have been looking at the "All about me" section in the Scripture Union "Tiddlywinks" series (Blue Book). I love this series and I will always add my own ideas or draw on other influences e.g. Godly Play and my own Early Years experience but it forms a good starting point.

For the "All about Me" series there is a scripture reference for several senses and our abilities e.g. "I can see"

As usual a range of related play activities were organised. But alongside we sang this song that I adapted from the Tumble Tots classic

I must say I don't usually use the story format they suggest, instead using props and a more biblically accurate model (rather than embellishing with details) with props in a more "Godly Play Style" On this occasion I thought I would use the story they suggested, so I created coloured cards following the suggested design in the book. However at the last minute I didn't use and instead... you guessed it used props! But I liked this version so if anyone has the tiddlywinks blue book and wants the cards in pdf message me and i will happily email them to you!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Adapting Godly Play for the Inclusive Classroom

So only just started reading this but after a few pages decided it MUST be shared!!

So I'm on an IPad so can't do usual linky thingy so am just going to post the whole site link,119911,en.pdf

Check it out happy reading

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Armour of God

I saw another blogger make a fabulous Armour of God felt book activity, but unfortunately don't know what blog so can't post credit (sorry).

A4 design, the soldier without his armour.

I've created a couple of versions, all of which can be printed onto card, laminated and made into a great scripture related activity. It can also be printed on to transfer paper (if using a mirror image version of image.
The pieces can also be matched to the correct shape/ word.

A version were the pieces are all on one page.

I am going to put these up on but yet to do so. When I create this in felt I think I will make the man out of felt sewn so that the armour can be then gripped onto the man most effectively, I will keep you posted.