Monday, 1 August 2011

Thank you, Sorry, Please Prayers

In the last post I said that I identified to the children which parts of the Lord's prayer were, thank you, sorry and please. I did this in the context of, we can say the prayer Jesus taught us at anytime but we can also say our own words in prayer. We usually pray prayers that are saying, thank you, please, and sorry. Jesus also did this in the prayer he taught us.
I then showed the children examples of the flowers above, showed them the signs for each word then asked children to choose which one we would do.We then thought of things we wanted to say thank you for then, sorry then please praying each prayer together.
A bit later each child made their own set of flowers, we were available to scribe prayers if they wanted. I explained that God gave flowers what they needed to grow, and when we pray God gives us what we need to grow too.

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