Thursday, 6 October 2011

Armour of God

I saw another blogger make a fabulous Armour of God felt book activity, but unfortunately don't know what blog so can't post credit (sorry).

A4 design, the soldier without his armour.

I've created a couple of versions, all of which can be printed onto card, laminated and made into a great scripture related activity. It can also be printed on to transfer paper (if using a mirror image version of image.
The pieces can also be matched to the correct shape/ word.

A version were the pieces are all on one page.

I am going to put these up on but yet to do so. When I create this in felt I think I will make the man out of felt sewn so that the armour can be then gripped onto the man most effectively, I will keep you posted.


  1. I have now been informed the original was from Laura Thoughs

  2. Where and when and how much ? I am interested in purchasing this!

  3. I love this... I'm laminating and gluing these to some magnet sheets I have for my Sunday School class magnet board!!! This is great... Thanks!!!

  4. Go to Oriental Trading online they have Christian arts to do.