Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Palm Sunday (Jesus' Triumphant entry)

 Craft Activities for Palm Sunday, or simply as a Lenten activity to use in preparation of Easter. (I honestly thought I had posted these last year but can't find any record)
Peg legged donkey. I thought this was a rather "formal" activity however was unbelievably popular with the boys in particularly and were played with to act out the story (and various additions to the Bible account :). 
Paper play with leaf cut outs (for palm leaves and, felt cut outs of coats/ pieces of felt. Hosanna being written the the middle was optional. I also provided paper for free collage with the materials.

I'm joining Wonderful in an Easter kind of way and Explore and Express with the Lenten Link - Up Party


  1. Oh, I am glad you've joined our link-up, alljoinin! I haven't seen that idea for a peg-legged donkey before - very cute. Those middle materials would also work perfectly for the "Young Children and Worship" version of the Triumphal Entry story, "Jesus the King", in which each child lays down a palm branch and/or cloak, saying "Hosanna".

  2. This is such a fun activity for younger children! We will be away from home on Palm Sunday, so I can easily bring stuff for my daughter to do this. Thank you so much for adding your beautiful ideas to our Lenten Party!

  3. Ha ha, I had opened this to read it and then saw it on the linky and opened it again to read it.

  4. We certainly had fun with this one!