Monday, 19 November 2012

Prayer and Worship (@ Christmas)

These were from a session last year that was around christmas time, but we had planned to do a session on prayer and worship but decided that it was appropriate to make the connection between the two.

These were the available exploration/ play resources
Nativity set with book, initially presented with no baby. To pose the question, ahh we need a baby at christmas and aid discussion about Jesus. And this worked very well, pointed out missing baby by three year old.
Sung/ musical/ dance worship, the cards are Mary's song presented with a visual image for each sentence.
People who came to worship Jesus when he was born. Play dough making the people  who came to visit Jesus (apparently there were a lot of snails who visited Jesus who knew)
Prayer is communication: Walkie talkies, a two way baby monitor (other half in another room, had to be found) mobile phone. And a basket of resources to make cup and string phones.
We need to look out for how God is speaking to us and it's no always words: No talking signs - children acted out the cards for friends to guess
Worship God/ Human creation: cards with images of people e.g. concert, church, football match children sorted into which they thought were worshiping God. This led to some interesting discussions about us not knowing what was going on inside people heads e.g. the concert the people may look like they are worshiping the band they may be singing christian songs to God, the church they looked like they were singing to God but they may not care. A really useful activity.
We hear from God through his word, Bible story books.
Sometimes we go in our room and quietly talk to God, a tent to do so on our own.
Free craft, with range of resources.

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