Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mr Noah Built an Ark

Someone just reminded me on Facebook  Group a song we used to sing A LOT, so found the picture cards to go with it and thought I'd share. The cards were created to create structure and consistency (I have several of them and will post them) for a little one with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The song is sung to tune of Old MacDonald and the cards are used as follows. 
The above card is on board/ floor (add velcro to the squares if on board) children take it in turns to choose two matching animals and place on the boat (or one choses one animal and another child finds the pair) we then sang the verse and put the animals in a box until we'd finished the song.

Dependent on the needs of your group you may want to use soft toys in addition to or instead.

The cards can be downloaded here for free (sorry for any copy write breech) You'll need to print two copes of the animals

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