Sunday, 23 February 2014

Esther The Superhero

Today's session at Junior Church we looked at Esther, here are some of the activities...

Royal play dough faces

 Cardboard tube Kings, queens and castles

a blurry picture but hopefully you can get the idea
Plastic bottle crown pots (again not great pic- sorry)

 Super hero/ Royal capes

Decorating the castle walls (the walls were covered with brown paper outside the entrance with a turret and a fake draw bridge. To enter children could only get in by crawling into the door and entering in though the castle which was made from card into the room (big enough to comfortably fit about 8 children and adult in) then of course a door into the main room and the other activities.
Mmmm... what are these? They are gingerbread men decorated in their royal finery :)

Other activities include:
Making lego castle
Taking turns to put wooden block castle without it falling
Wooden castle and people
Happy land castle
Dressing up - including royal clothing (not very popular)

To introduce the story we used this short video which was really well received

I then began to tell the story and ended up handing over to two wonderful 9 and 10 year olds to competently tell the story and all the children listened brilliantly. We had some giggly crazy moments but I've been told even the youngest children could tell the story back to parents!

We then thought about Esther's super hero powers which we decided were bravery and courage, which she used to help people. How could we be brave and help people this week?....

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