Sunday, 3 July 2011

Im back from Romania

So after my little trip to Romania, I'm back! And oh how I miss Romania the people, the faith, the passion for Christ and people!! I WILL be returning! Romania has always had a place in my heart now I have left that part of my heart in Romania and feel like I have to go back to get it!

Any ways, I didn't use any of the props I took with me but... did I did use three things I took to create should I need to make something
  1. felt.
  2. mini sewing kit.
  3. a white shower curtain and permanent markers
So the problem was that the props I had taken could have been used for at least ten stories, but at the time I/ we didn't feel led toward these. And since there were a few of us we were in a position to act the stories out, this led to me quickly making props including on the side of a road (dirt track!). I would have liked to do Godly play, but it didnt seem appropriate at these opportunities and we were limited with resources, however the response to stories remained open for interpretation rather than end product orientated.
Children drawing their response to the story of the feeding of the 5000. (This is not a full view of room, but best angle when trying to not get full view of children's faces.)
Loaves and Fishes or should I say "piine" and "pesti"
There was so much food left over it filled 12 baskets!!

I would be interested if anyone has done Godly play with a translator?

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  1. I'd love to hear what stories you did and how you did it!