Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Palm Sunday....

Here are the examples of the play resources available to explore the story of Jesus' Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem. I will post the story and craft opportunities another day.
As children entered room there were scarves of various colours  in a circular (ish) pathway a hand puppet donkey and story cards (and a fabulous book called The Path that runs by the church, which is a fabulous book about a fictional school and church that "factually" documents the church year and the celebrations etc.)
A passover meal (for Jesus and his friends in Jerusalem)

Various eggs, egg cups, easter eggs and fluffy chicks- link the story to Easter celebrations

Flowers and leaves (palm branches), Easter decorations to hang on mug tree(link to Easter), cloaks to peg up (the cloaks in the story). Regulars will note I usually try to have one fine motor related activity available.

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