Monday, 22 October 2012

Baby Bible Book (quiet book)

Well first a huge apology for disappearance, I've had rather a lot of things going on (still have really but had a spare bit of time to do this post) Can't promise I won't disappear again but here's a post to be going with.

So a while ago I posted the first two pages of a Bible book for my God daughter, well I finished it for her dedication and here it is. I plan to add pages.

Creation with feely pieces and moving fish
Jonah in a big fish's mouth

 Birth of Jesus, button on star and Jesus goes in and out of manger for hugs with mum and dad
This could be a range of obvious stories, walking on water, after resurrection, fishers of men.... Boat slots into pocket waves, finger puppet men, net to catch fish and fish on string.

 Parable of the lost sheep, flaps and sheep hidden behind bush


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful! That will be something she will always treaure.

  2. can I purchase the patterns for this or is a free download? How can I get the patterns?