Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ten Plagues Story Box

We did this as part of holiday club 2012 (Moses) and it was really popular with the youngest group (age 3-5) and retold over and over with very little support

For each plague we used the same refrain

"Moses said "Let my people go"
But Pharaoh said "No"
So God sent..."

When children were telling alone the cards were lined up as a guide, when an adult told each card was generally got out along with the corresponding object. This is the line up once all the plagues had been done.

  1.  A plague of blood (Sensory block with red liquid, a bottle with water and red food colouring would work)
  2. A plague of frogs (A plastic frog with noise of frog)
  3. A plague of gnats (a jar with a man drawn on outside, filled with water and black sequins so gnats flew around when shaken)
  4. A plague of flies (a plastic fly)
  5. Death of live stock (a wooden cow)
  6. A plague of boils (a peg with face and clothes drawn
  7. A hail storm (jar with man drawn on with white beads inside)
  8. A plague of locusts (a grasshopper - looks like a locust)
  9. Darkness (a black scarf to put over eyes)
  10. Death of first born (a tomb, but a sad face or tomb stone would work)
The cards were printed from the Mr Biblehead blog 

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