Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Good Shepherd, World Communion and Unleavened Bread

 A "loose?" version of the Good Shepherd and World Communion.
When it came to asking "Have you ever came close to this table?" some said "no" then said "yes"
"It's like what we just did in church" another said "Yes a bit but it can't be because it doesn't have a white table cloth or a white covering over the bread and the wine."
Agreed but it could still be that table. They then asked why the clothes were there and some joint wondering ensued...? The considered replies as follows: 

  • So we don't know its communion.
  • So its a surprise
  • To think about how Jesus was hidden in the tomb and couldn't be seen but then was alive
  • To remind us that Jesus is not seen but is here with us when we have communion
  • White is a pure colour.

After a time of prayer, unleavened bread was made as a group (there were other options but this is what was decided) cooked (by a very nice adult) and then our feast was shared!!! As we discussed communion and bread some more, e.g. the types of bread used for communion, the pass over feast et.c. 

The service was a communion service (which the children were part of prior to going out for their group) which is why this was planned.

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