Monday, 2 June 2014

Paul Shipwrecked

This week following on from a mini series of sessions for the relating to the life of Paul starting a month ago at the last Children's Church. I don't believe I have posted that session due to camera issues.

 The pallet boat/ shipwreck formed the main focus of the room, and later allowed us to tell the story through drama including the children. During the play session, the children decorated the wood pallet with pens and played with the scene. The main writing on the pallet read "The good ship sinker and peace maker"

Shipwrecked Scene using the wonderful tuff stop/ builders tray containing sand, blue fabric and playmobil shipwreck (added wooden people also)

Play with wooden harbour set that I have used for many water story and is great for linking bible stories to modern situations/ experiences.


Water and boats (small people were added)

 Alongside the boats blueish jelly with snakes and sea creatures in it. (Snakes relating to the snake that bit Paul on the island of Malta)

For more snakes of course

 Playdough to make snakes (and whatever else but once one person starts the others follow) And I do believe we had some rather beautiful snakes this week.
 The play dough invitations to play are always so very popular that I am trying to put a play dough activity every session.

 Wooden boats, although these were not fully able to be undertaken by the children they were popular and children enjoyed decorating them. Because they were able to float they provided great opportunity to follow up story at home. (I will see if I can find some pictures of completed boats)

Food: (always a food activity- always popular)

Biscuits, with icing with brown sugar for sand, flapjack ship, cocktail stick with tape for sail and of course a jelly baby for Paul

We did not have a game this session, we were going to have snakes and ladders but unfortunately were unable to find one :(

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