Tuesday 1 November 2011

i Can See (Jesus heals a blind man)

This will be the last post on Jesus healing the blind man (I think). It's unfortunate that I didn't get a large collection of these pictures, they really did make a great display, and the children absoloutly LOVED doing them! You all know I am not a churn out the worksheets and lets stifle the kids creativity and exploration kind of girl, but these sheets certainly proved the worth of some print outs now and then.
Originally I designed this sheet with only the eyes to add - with the session being about eyes and all! But decided this may stifle some of the older or more creative children...
So I also created this one where children could add all the features, both were equally popular. We used chubbie paint markers to paint them, the ones similar to bingo dabbers. Perfect for adding eyes, I did provide crayons for the rest of the features but not one child used them!


  1. Ticia- I think you are my one man band fan club, thanks for all the kindness!!!

  2. thanks so much! I've used this before and lost the original!