Thursday, 3 November 2011

i Can Taste (Jesus turns water into wine)

Went with Godly Play "style" story.
Resources Needed:
  • 6 glass jars
  • 17 pegs (although less would be ok)
  • A cup (I used a brass one)
  • Red food colouring (natural works best it's thicker)
  • A jug and some water
To tell the story:
Jesus was at a wedding party, with his 1,2,3,4,....12 (12 pegs) special friends. His mother, Mary (1 peg) was also there. Mary said to Jesus (1 peg) "There is no more wine"
Mary said to the servant (1 peg) "Do what ever Jesus tells you" Jesus said "fill those jars with water". These are small jars but the ones that day were very big, these are glass jars but the ones that day were made of stone. The servants filled the 6 jars with water. (fill with water)
Jesus said "Now take some to the master of the party" (Pour some water from a jar into the cup (you will have put some food colouring in).
The master drank from it and said "This is wine, this is very good wine"
He took it to the Bride and groom and told them to taste it, they tried it and they said "This is the best wine, people usually have the best at the beginning of a party but you have saved it until the end."
This was the best wine they had tasted.

At this point the children were chanting let us look, so I poured the water into the jar and sure enough it turned the water red. They asked it to be done for each of the jars, as you can see it got lighter. But the children were still in awe! I said that when it happened that day Jesus made them all the same. When we had done all the jars, I shared a secret with them! I said this was Jesus' first miracle and He really did that, but I was just telling them about this and I can't change things like Jesus, so I used food colouring. I showed them the bottle of colouring. I felt passionate that the children should not see that I changed the water and thus overshadowing the message of the story. But they still were captured with the wonder, but not distracted by the "magic"

The wondering questions are on the planning sheet from yesterday.


  1. This "trick" has always upset me, so I am SUPER-pleased to read how you explained it. 'I shared a secret with them! ...He really did ... but I can't change things like Jesus... not overshadowing the message of the story.' I am SO pleased to read this. Just perfect.

  2. Thanks Story Teller, I think you and I think in pretty much the same way. In all consciousness I just couldn't "trick" them!