Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Story Cards (felt)

Some time ago I made creation cards out of felt which were really popular both here and in my "real world". At the last minute for my nieces first Easter I decided I would make Easter Story cards which could tell the story like the creation ones.
I only managed to finish three cards, and intend to add to these (maybe by next Easter) and hopefully they can be used each year! I'll maybe even borrow them for story telling ;)

Jesus Enters Jerusalem, The cloaks fit into a pocket path so can be laid down.

The Cross, quite a plain page with no removable parts. My niece kept looking at this one- the contrasts Im sure! She's ten months nearly so past the black white stage, but still likes contrasts.
The tomb, the tomb is a pocket and the little piece of white fabric is removable. I may make an angel for this page.

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