Thursday, 4 April 2013

Holiday Club 2012 (Post 3 The Rooms)

For Holiday Club the children attend for five morning sessions, with a sunday church celebrations in Holiday Club Style.During each session children spend split their time between small group and who group activities. The children are each assigned to a group (based on age) which assumes an identity, this year each group was an animal from the drama. The enthusiastic, amazing leaders and helpers decorate their room to that theme and the children add to it as the week goes on (or weeks as we run for two weeks, duplicate programme to accommodate more children). Here are the amazing rooms, without the Lion room which bizarrely I can't find any photos of without people in! 
Tigers Age 10-11

Amazing giant ripped paper Tiger on one of the slanting roofs

Parrots Group Age 6-7

These guys had a good starting point of green walls already!

Polar Bear Room 7-8

Zebra Room 9-10

Monkey Age 4-5 


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