Sunday, 7 April 2013

Water into Wine

Another session of Water into wine with age 2-9 yr olds. Here are the play activities.
Making Banana Milk Shake

Making fizzy grape juice, added to grape flavour fizzy water.

Happy Land, house and church with wedding.

Wedding cake and feast

Dressing Up clothes, including wedding. There were also some super hero and magic wands in here which gave us the opportunity to talk about this is a magic wand but Jesus didn't need these or didn't need  a cape etc.

Gloop (cornflower with water added) to talk about changes, I added Koolaid (it is very hard to get this in the UK, but my american readers will be able to get no probe) so that when water was added it turned red - like the wine did!

We told the story pretty much identically to the last time I did this but this time I put Kool aid powder in the bottom so that the water turned red as I added the water. I added, where would you put yourself in the story to the wondering questions and got some great responses, with interesting explanations.

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