Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Palm Sunday (Jesus Enters Jerusalem 2)

I just found these photos whilst reorganising, they are last years Palm Sunday Session with 3-4 year olds! Same theme as the previous year some different activities.
Passover Meal


Pegging clothes to matching coloured button on peg (to symbolise the robes in the triumphant entry)
Making wooden flowers (new life and the impending prayer garden)
Hanging Easter Shapes

Eggs, egg cups, baskets, sorting trays, spoons and chicks. This activity was really popular with children interested in transporting and enclosing (note to self post something on schema on here)

Making palm leaves, this has to be the most successful yet simple way I have ever made palm leaves

The procession route! Played with very little before story, used over and over during and after! In the middle are story cards in order.

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