Saturday, 23 March 2013

Holiday Club 2012 (Post 2- Jungle Zoo)

Welcome to Mr Kings Jungle Zoo, walk through the water fall (complete with ambient water fall sounds)
Walk through, look around,

Look up you'll see the the water flowing (fairy lights twinkle to the  sounds of the waterfall)
Ohh, a hive of activity finishing creating the Jungle Zoo! As the jungle plants  hang down to jungle floor
Mr Kings Jungle home

Animal Cages (teams of the children- but these cages were just for the actors playing the animals)

 Look up and around the branches of the tree

 View from up the tree, where the drummer plays
 You've got to be carful in the jungle

The band getting ready around the tree

 Lets go.... The leaves had to be cut a bit to be able to see the screen.

Next instalment, the teams rooms....

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